PRODUCT OVERVIEW - Aged Web Data - TCPA Compliant & Litigator Scrub

Aged Web Data

Internet Opt In - Verified & Scrubbed

Here's what we have, aged web data, where we've compiled business owners through our various online marketing efforts through our affiliate partners via social media, paid ads, google, facebook, instagram, and they fill out an online web form similar to for additional information to obtain funding for their business.

A few things to note! We recently ran all of our records through various scrubbing software to ensure maximum success, efficiency, and peace of mind!

Phone Numbers given a 95% Connected Status. (Stop wasting time with disconnected phone numbers..)

E-Mails have been given a 99.9% Deliverable Status. (No more getting blacklisted by your mass e-mail vendords)

National DNC Database Scrub, w/Status. (Allows you to stay compliant and know who you can and cannot call)

Phone Type: Mobile, or LandLine. (These are particularly great for those of you who prefer outbound dialing, e-mail marketing, sms blast, voicemail drop, etc.)

TCPA Litigator Scrub, (Most Important Scrub! and we've completely removed them from our database!)

*No longer will you have to fear or be threatened with a law suit from those fake merchant that are trying to extort us, and manipulate the system.*

Current Pricing & Availaibility

Disclosure: As much as we would like to, we cannot gaurantee that from the moment of the scrub until you purchase the data that numbers may have been changed, disconnected, be placed on National DNC lists, or can potentially be a TCPA Litigator. This changes ever so frequesntly, and we do the best we can to contiously frequent our data scrubbing as often as we possibly can to keep our clients secure, and to abide by all the TCPA Comliance laws. However, we will not take responsiblitiy, and it is important that you have your own compliance methods in place when using data purchased from us. You are purchasing this data with this in mind in understandingand agree that we are not liable for any change that may occur.

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