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With the current state of the nation in relief that our Senate has finally reached a $2 trillion stimulus deal to blunt the coronavirus fallout. More, and more business owners will need YOUR HELP to get them the funding they’ll need to keep their businesses operating while they wait for this thing to get Approved! Not to mention, it’s likely that even once approved, it’s very possible that most still won’t even be able to access those funds until May 1st..

With Lead Generation, timing and speed are of the essence. So when we get the inquiry, you, our team and the prospect will receive a live call and email simultaneously to know as it’s happening so we can INSTANTLY connect both you and the Merchant for a conversation. Speed is everything. Just look at the drop off of interest. Is your advertiser getting you leads during business hours and getting them to you instantly?

Constant leads generated on your behalf so you never have to worry about sales and you can finally focus on growth.

Our Multi-Channel targeting gets high quality leads from sources your competition doesn’t even knows exist yet!

First, We’ll get you set up with our Automated Lead Calling & Follow Up Sytem, you’ll be automatically connected via Phone to the Merchant. If they don’t answer the first time, no worries! Our platform will automatically follow up with you in 20 minutes, and up to 5 additional time, so you can focus on runing your business, and stop forgetting to follow up with new leads!

In addition, we’ll also set up instant automated email triggers to go directly to the Merchant once the lead has been received. We’ll send the lead using your email address, and use a template of your choice, or help you create one of many existing options we have to choose from. But that’s not all, we’ll customize the emails to include specific information from the Merchants online Web Form Submission to be more eye catching.

Such as, “Hey John, just to confirm, you were looking for approximately $25K-50K in Funding is that correct? Reply to this email so we can get you started on the application, or you can click here (Insert your DocuSign Application Link) directly into the email. That’s only the beginning, we’ll set up multiple emails to go out at different time intervals to help remind your Merchant that you’re still waiting on his application.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to learn more and get started today with a Real Time Internet Marketing Campaign, funneling Interested, and Exclusive Leads directly to you!

Have questions? Check out more about more about customer experience here give us a call at 844-622-5323. We would love to hear from you.

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