How to use AI for Lead Generation, Qualification, and Conversion.

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If you are looking to better generate, qualify, and/or convert leads, there’s a good chance artificial intelligence can help.

AI excels at extracting insights about leads from your marketing and sales data. Some AI-powered tools use that data to tell you more about your prospects and customers. Others use it to find new prospects or recommend which existing leads to pursue next.

Today, there are four big ways that forward-thinking marketers and salespeople are using AI tools to generate, qualify, and convert leads. In this post, we break down these use cases and describe specific tools for each one, so you can quickly and easily explore vendors with the potential to change how you interact with leads.

1. Better understand and predict consumer behavior.

Remember how we said AI excels at extracting insights from data? Well, when you pair the right AI with the right data, you can actually better understand customer behavior — and predict how they’ll behave in the future.

There are several companies out there that helps brands get more out of their AI investments by enriching their predictive models with third-party consumer data. The result is better predictions about consumer behavior thanks to AI.

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2. Generate more leads.

Other AI-powered systems can actually help you generate more leads from the traffic already coming to your website.

MCA LEADS uses AI-powered chatbots to help businesses use conversations to remove friction from their buying process with chat, email, video, and automation products. These bots use AI to learn from conversations happening on the site between consumers and your reps. That information enables the bot to answer questions, understand what a good lead looks like, and generate leads from visits at scale and turning them into a pre qualified lead sign up.

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3. Convert more leads into sales.

A lot of marketers also want to get more out of the leads they already have. Some AI tools exist that can help. 

Our team developed an in house AI Automated Phone System and Email Automation Scripts which are AI assistants that work 24/7 to qualify leads we generate on your behalf, so you can automatically turn more of them into sales. Often, companies allow leads fall through the cracks because they don’t have the resources to follow up with and qualify each and every one. 

With AI, however, you can essentially clone your sales reps to make sure every lead has a one-to-one conversation.

4. Build a better pipeline.

Getting more leads and getting them faster is all well and good. But AI can actually help companies improve the quality of that pipeline, too. 

A company like MCA LEADS uses AI to enrich contacts, recommend top prospects, and predict win rates for specific types of leads, so your pipeline is the highest quality possible. Not to mention, it makes sure you target the highest quality leads within that pipeline above all others — both increasing revenue and reducing costs.

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