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MCA Leads is a leading full service direct marketing agency with a primary focus on lead generation and client acquisition for the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

We offer Real Time Appointment Leads, Warm Live Transfers, Aged Data, and Ad Banner Marketing for Lenders that want to get their message across to the hundreds of brokers we service.

Our process

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1. Data Sourcing & Cleansing

Increase productivity by allowing us to take over the tedious process of sourcing good quality, and reliable data. Then we'll go through that list and validate each number, e-mail address, and run a scrub against the National DNC & TCPA Litigator List for any known litigators or DNC Complainers, so that you can be at ease knowing you'll be spending your valuable time speaking with a verified Merchant, and is not here to waste anyones time.

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2. Marketing Strategies

During a typical workday our marketing teams will send out 100s of Thousands E-Mail Marketing content to small business owners across the United States that have expressed interest in obtaining funding for their business. In additional, we have created several brands, landing pages, and social media presence across the web, and spend a-lot of time on SEO, Organic Marketing, as well as Paid Marketing efforts such as utilizing the power of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and other Social Media Platforms to gain more recognition for our many Brands that we own.

This in turn, builds brand awareness, and trust, because our strategies are not relied solely on a paid marketing campaign saying "CLCIK HERE FOR FUNDING" We actually take a very different approach by first providing a-lot of valuable content, for free, to business owners that are relevant to them during these economic times. Topics, such as Inventory Management Strategies, Hiring, Training, Firing, Human Capital Management, Financial Tools and Tips to help manage their cash flow better, among many other wonderful business related topics.

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3. Pre Qualification

Unlike a traditional Cold Call, or working off of UCC Lists.. Going Direct to the Merchant via Online Marketing allows us to create Value. Value that most companies DO NOT Provide. At least not for free. Whereas we do, and then after the Merchant starts seeing our Brands and Content more and more often over time it builds trust, and awareness. Thus, when they are actually seeking funds, or additional working capital for their business, they're highly likely and indeed do click on our advertisements that offer assistance in securing those funds for them.

We direct our Merchant to a Landing Page once they see one of our Articles, or Paid Advertisements, and go through a Pre Qualification form asking them about their business details. Once they submit that form, it goes directly to your inbox, and that's where you step in, and take over, introduce yourself, letting the Merchant know how you got their information via the info we'll provide you from exactly what Brand, or Landing Page they filled out the form, and when. This way you can immediately establish a rapport with the Merchant, and begin assisting them in helping them through the funding process.

Pre-Qualifying Questions

4. Real Time Web Form Submission

All web form submissions are then filtered by our internal CRM system with our custom coded, and scripting automation that we've programmed to skim through Merchants that are only qualified! Meaning, that unless the Merchant is doing at least $15k Per Month in Bank Deposits, 550+ Credit Score, and is 1 Year or more in business, only then will they be routed to your inbox as a Pre Qualified Lead. Anything below those requirements basically get collected in our database, and do not get sent over to you.

Our goal is to ensure that you're getting Real Merchants, that are actually interested in Funding right now, or within the next 30 days maximum! In addition, we also have the ability to customize your campaign by filtering for Higher Monthly Revenues, Higher Credit Scores, or Perhaps even certain Industry Types that you may prefer. The beauty lies within the incredible Automation, and AI Artificial Intelligence Technology that we've implemented into our entire Lead Generation Process.

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