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Lead generation optimization is the number one objective for 99% of all websites. Yet, 95% of websites do a poor job of generating leads. It’s about the ability to convert qualified visitors into actual prospects (people who have indicated an interest in your products or services by providing their name, phone number and email address in exchange for information or something else of value).

If your website is setup for ecommerce, lead generation optimization remains incredibly important. Rather than live and die by your sales conversion rate, captured leads can be worked overtime to increase conversions – it becomes a conversion rate multiplier.

We can help you build a solid lead generation plan for your small business. We’ll do it better, faster, and produce the best quality results than any of our competitors.



99% of websites have lead generation optimization as the primary objective

95% of websites lack opportunities to capture new leads beyond Contact Us pages
Moving Lead Generation From 1% to 5% will have a dramatic impact on cost of acquisition and puts you in a better position for maximizing online advertising ROI
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Lead Generation Opportunities EVERYWHERE!

Consistently capturing new leads is not something that happens accidentally. Lead generation requires relevance and opportunity throughout your website. That means offering contextually relevant value on every, single page with the opportunity to obtain the offer. We’ve always said “you must treat every page like a home page”. You have no idea which page will be the first experience with your brand when a visitor arrives from a search on Google, Bing or another search engine. And, if your website is like most – each page tells a different story. Each page attracts visitors for different, tangible reasons. So, every page better be prepared to do its job: lead generation by tapping into the interests of the visitor right this minute – regardless of whether they arrived via search or deliberate navigation from your home page.

Every page better be prepared to do its job: lead generation by tapping into the interests of the visitor right this minute…

Lead Generation Methods

There are several lead generation methods (see lead generation methods graphic below), we prefer those with minimal to no annoyance factor. For example, an Exit-Pop minimizes annoyance by appearing only when the visitor moves their mouse toward the address bar in their browser. The fact is, they are about to leave your website – an Exit-Pop might catch their eye by changing the screen and presenting them with a compelling reason to get something of value. Exit-Pops are examples of the Lightbox Popup method. Mostly we avoid anything that gets in the visitor’s way when trying to read your content (that’s almost always annoying).

If you want to see an example of an Exit-Pop for lead generation, and you haven’t already attempted to leave our website (awesome – we thank you for reading this far) – then move your mouse to the address bar in your browser now. It should change this page to reveal a lead generation element that looks like this:

See – that wasn’t annoying! In fact, if you had just clicked to another page within our website, you would never have known that lead generation method existed.

Social Media Marketing

Most, if not all of your prospects are engaged in one or more social media channels. We have a very active presence online, and we make sure our messages get in front of them – encouraging them to interact with you.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your business found on Google, Bing and YouTube is important. You can go down that road, and identify the keywords prospects are using to find businesses like yours. Or, leverage the power of our pre existing Landing Pages, and we’ll make sure everything is done right to help search engines find our pages, and connect your directly with the client.

Email Marketing Automation

Email continues to be an effective communication channel, especially for business. What’s changed is our ability to deliver the most relevant message at exactly the right time to exactly the right person. That’s marketing automation and it’s powerful!

Business Reporting

We’ll help you identify the information you need to make better, quicker decisions to grow your business. Then, we’ll serve it to you on a regular basis in the form of reports – a combo of pie charts, line graphs, stacked bar charts or whatever makes the data easier to understand.

Branding (Beyond the Logo)

How do people think of your business? What’s their snap judgement when they arrive at your website? Does your message resonate with the people you’re trying to attract? Your brand has a lot to do with how others perceive your business, here you can take a look at our landing page, and check out the branding.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Are you interested in stepping up your marketing game? You can take several approaches and spend thousands of dollars to hire professionals that don’t know anything about our industry, or you can leave the heavy lifting to us, and reap the rewards of having those leads come directly to your inbox or to your CRM via API integration. So you can focus your time and energy speaking with interested leads, and convert them into funded deals!

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