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Now you can actually get premium quality leads without breaking the bank!

  1. Choose your Down Payment Amount
  2. Choose your Weekly Payment Amount
  3. Flexible Payment Plan Terms

We have options

I hear stories of brokers spending $5 – $10 per lead, and only to find that they are all start up businesses and have ZERO revenue… with our leads:

  • $15K & UP – Minimum Revenue Deposits (LAST MONTH) (Default Option)
  • $25K & UP – Minimum Revenue Deposits (LAST MONTH) (Custom Filter Extra $7 Per Lead)
  • 550+ Credit Score
  • 1 Yr + Time in Business
  • Needs Funding within 72 Hours, 2-3 Days, or 2-3 Weeks MAX!
  • Notes from the Merchant for Purpose of Funds
  • Preferred Callback Time
  • Semi Exclusive Leads are Sold to You and up to 2 other parties depending on Day, Time, and Lead Criteria.

Leads are automatically coded in our Automation Platform to identify what Leads are Qualified, and the ones that aren’t. We’ll only send you Leads based on the parameters you selected!

Want to learn more about our flexible payment plan options?

Check out our Real Time Business Loan Leads, and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS – Payment plan available, from $258.75 down – Click the LEARN MORE button 🙂


Once you click on the Learn More button, you’ll see another pop up window where you can play with all the options available and easily checkout very quickly 🙂

We can help you build a solid lead generation plan for your small business. We’ll do it better, faster, and produce the best quality results than any of our competitors.

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