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Lead generation is a complex endeavor that has a number of pieces that must come together in order to make it profitable for Brokers, and Funders. In order for it to be truly profitable, companies need the right partners, the right technology, and a smart use of time. The main reasons why leads fail to convert is due to a combination of a lack of proper relationships, access to a reliable source, staff, and time to generate and convert leads.

Unfortunately, most companies leave money on the table due to their inability to prevent leads from falling through the cracks, and money was wasted on resources that mismanaged lead generation tactics and time management.

Growth Marketing and Lead Conversion

Growth marketing will always convert more leads to sales for several reasons:

  • Increase lead volume
  • Increase lead quality
  • Segment leads into specific groups
  • Nurtures leads with customized messaging
  • Automates tasks that normally take teams days and weeks to complete
  • Reduces large teams down to only needing two or three people

When growth marketing strategists use robust CRMs like ConvergeHub, marketers get data on these individuals that includes their names, email addresses, their revenue, credit score, time in business, and what they can do with additional funding. Knowing this information not only provides an opportunity for reaching people with a specific content marketing strategy, but provides direct access to reach them in an organic, natural manner that doesn’t resemble spam.

Nurtures leads and close more deals by:

  • Starting off with the right Aged Data, and proper strategy plan. Have a solid plan, whether it’s calling, emailing, texting, or voicemail drops, and move them through the sales funnel.
  • Paid media focuses on attracting the right merchants to landing pages, but you’ll still need to get in touch with them, make sure they have a few minutes to chat, pre qualify and make sure their eligible for your products and services, then take them through your application process. We can help you get on the right track with our LeadGen, and LIVE X – Pre Qualified Lead Generation Services.
  • Having a useful CRM in place to capture all leads, segment them, and manage them through marketing automation tactics can remove the chance for human error (leads falling through the cracks). If your still using excel or sticky notes, please take a look into upgrading. It may be time..
  • Through our Pre Qualified Lead Generation system, leads are qualified, and nurtured specifically to their status as opposed to a general outreach method.

Increase productivity by allowing us to take over the process of sourcing quality, and reliable data that’s scrubbed for DNC and TCPA. Then you can go ahead and utilize that data internally, or have our team tackle that by dialing each number, so that you can spend your valuable time speaking with a Pre Qualified Merchant, who is interested in funds right now!

Would a Growth Marketing Strategy be the right choice for Your Business?

If your sales cycle, product price-points and other considerations make sense for a growth strategy, this could be the difference maker to your bottom line. We would love to learn about your business and get a feel for what’s been working, and what needs to change.

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