Real Time Appointments


  • $15K+ Monthly Bank Deposits
  • 6+ Months in Business
  • 500+ Credit Score
  • Real Time Post API Available
  • Automated Lead Follow Up System!

Automated Lead Response And Lead Follow-Up System * 

MCA LEADS has a proprietary platform that facilitates immediate broker/merchant connection and significantly increases conversion rates.

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and dogged persistence, MCA Leads allows you to connect with Merchants when their interest is at it’s highest!.

Responding to a lead within one minute of their inquiry increases connection chances by 500%

78% of the time, the first company to speak to a buyer closes the deal

Regular email follow up and/or text messages between calls increases conversion rate by an additional 53%

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We process our leads through an extensive pre-qualification screening.

First, we reach out to the merchant to get their feedback of their recent attempt to getting funds. Alongside with the feedback, we present them the various new programs that have recently come up in the market.

If the Merchant has interested in getting additional funding at this time, we’ll ask them a few questions to ensure they meet the basic industry requirements.

Finally we’ll set up a Real Time Callback with one of our Senior Funding Advisors (that’s you) so that you can call them back immediately and pick up where we left off and help the Merchant obtain the funding they need for their business.

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Lead Exclusivity


Credit Score


Monthly Deposits

$15K+ All Revenues, $100K+ Monthly Revenue, $15K-$25K Monthly Revenue, $25K-$50K Monthly Revenue, $50K-$100K Monthly Revenue

LeadGen Quantity

10 Real Time Appointments, 25 Real Time Appointments, 50 Real Time Appointments, 100 Real Time Appointments


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