Real Time Business Loan Leads

From: $2,500.00 / month

Web Opt In Compliant – Pre Qualified Leads
Exclusive & Semi Exclusive
All Leads Scrubbed, Validated, & Verified in Real Time.

(Google Ads & Facebook Ads)

    • Phone & E-Mail Validation
    • DNC/TCPA Scrub & Validation
    • API Post Available via Zapier
    • Lead Management Platform (Included)
    • Automated Lead Calling & Follow-Up System
    • Email Automation AI Assisted Follow Up
    • 1 Click SMS Automated to Merchants (Included)



We currently offer Real Time Business Loan Leads direct from our landing pages, straight to your inbox!

We generate our leads by utilizing Social Media, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Email Marketing Campaigns.

How Does it work?

Merchant clicks on advertisement, goes to landing page, and fills out their information.

Want to check out our landing page? I’m sure many other LeadGen companies won’t share this info because more than likely their outsourcing it from someone, who’s outsourcing it to someone else..

No more.. Get it straight from the source. We do everything, and I mean everything, in house, here in the United States by our Dedicated & Experienced Marketing, Development, and AI Machine Learning Team.

What Form is the Merchant Filling Out?

Wondering what the Merchant is looking at when they fill out a online form requesting funding? We’re happy to show you the Actual Landing Page we use in our Google Ads & Facebook Ads Campaigns? What other LeadGen companies actually show you this information?

They Don’t. We do, because we believe in full transparency, and feel that you should have a good understanding of what the Merchant is filling out before you contact them. This way when you’re having a conversation with the Merchant, you’ll know exactly which Marketing Campaign they first saw our Advertisement, before getting sent over to our Landing Page. Having information is power. The more information you can leverage on that first phone call, everything is on the line! The merchant is trying to determine if you’re another random cold call, or are responding to their actual request for funding.

With that information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to start your conversation on the right path by first introducing yourself, and referencing the Funding Request they submitted through Flowrich Capital while they were searching either Google, or Facebook. Make sure to mention this information! It can determine whether or not you’ll be able to gain the Merchant’s trust within the first 30 seconds.

Especially if you utilize either or both of our Automated Lead Calling & Follow-Up System or our Email Automation AI Assisted Follow Up – You’ll have an advantage like never before, and compete with the likes of the biggest players in the Industry!

Automated Lead Calling & Follow-Up System – Is a proprietary Platform just for, which will immediately call you within 30-60 seconds after the Merchant submits the form online, and getting you on a call with that Merchant immediately! Impressive, right? The Merchant’s really appreciate it to, and shows that you’re on top of your game. Definitely check it out!

Email Automation AI Assisted Follow Up – Same concept above, but we’ll send an automated Email to your Merchant automatically upon their form submission. This Email will come from your Email, and we’ll include a few templates to choose from for messaging, and we will also integrate your Merchant Funding Application. It can be via PDF, DocuSign, or anything of the like. It can also be something as simple as a Welcome Email introducing yourself, with a brief overview of your company and offerings, while letting the Merchant know that you’ll be calling them any moment, and can email or call you back if they have any additional questions.

Okay, Here’s the Actual Landing Page the Merchant’s are filling out:

Landing Page:

Once Form is submitted, we’ll also send you an Automated Email notification with all the Merchants Detailed Information:

Sample Lead Demo:

If you still have any questions, please feel free to reach out, and Schedule a Call with us right away. We’ll be delighted to assist you in your path for building a solid, consistent, and reliable source for all your Lead Generation & Marketing needs!

We also have Accurate, Compliant, & Verified Data Aged Data Files if you like to diversify and take control of some of your own marketing via Outbound Email Marketing Campaigns, SMS Marketing, Cold Calling, or a combination of all the above. We got you covered!

Check it Out: Aged Data Platform

Additional information

Lead Exclusivity


Credit Score

500+ Credit Score, 550+ Credit Score, 600+, All Credit Scores

Time in Business

3+ Months in Business, 6+ Months in Business, 1+ Year in Business

Monthly Revenue

$5K – $15K Monthly Revenue, $10K+ Monthly Revenue, $15K+ Monthly Revenue, $25K+ Monthly Revenue

Lead Package QTY

250 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 10 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 5 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 25 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 50 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 100 Real Time Business Loan Leads, 200 Real Time Business Loan Leads

Billing Frequency

Weekly Subscription, Bi-Weekly Subscription, Monthly Subscription


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