Warm Live Transfers


  • $15K+ Monthly Bank Deposits
  • 1 Year in Business Minimum
  • 500 FICO +
  • No Open Bankruptcies
  • Must want Funds within 30 Days!

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We process our leads through an extensive pre-qualification screening. First, we receive their feedback of their recent attempt to getting funds. Alongside with the feedback, we present them our new programs that have recently come up in the market.

In transition to the merchant receiving the funds they are inquiring for, we simply assure them of their interest and start the screening process. If they meet our criteria, we then conclude the call with your choice of either a real time call back or a warm live transfer. Followed shortly, an email with all the merchant’s details sent to you.

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Live X Packages

25 Warm Live Transfers, 35 Warm Live Transfers, 50 Warm Live Transfers, 100 Warm Live Transfers


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