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  • $15K+ Monthly Bank Deposits
  • 1 Year in Business
  • 550+ Credit Score
  • Real Time Post API Available
  • Automated Lead Calling Follow Up System!
  • Automated AI Email Follow Up System!

Automated Lead Calling & Follow-Up System

MCA LEADS has a proprietary platform that facilitates immediate Broker/Merchant connection and significantly increases conversion rates.

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and dogged persistence, MCA Leads allows you to connect with Merchants when their interest is at it’s highest!. Once a Lead comes in, our system will immediately call you from our phone system notifying you that you have a new lead. It will give you the basic details of that lead contact info, and then give you the option by pressing 2 to immediately dial that Merchant.

This way, you won’t have to wait until you check your inbox to see when a new lead comes in. This will call them for you, automatically! Plus, if the Merchant doesn’t answer the phone, no problem, you can leave a voicemail, and/or send a text, then our system will remind you in 20 minutes to try to get in contact with this Merchant again. Repeating the same process up to 6 times total, and different customizable timing intervals to ensure that you get on the phone with the Merchant to have a conversation!

Responding to a lead within one minute of their inquiry increases connection chances by 500%

78% of the time, the first company to speak to a buyer closes the deal

Regular email follow up and/or text messages between calls increases conversion rate by an additional 53%

Email Automation AI Assisted Follow Up

We’ll set up instant automated email triggers to go directly to the Merchant once the lead has been received. We’ll send the lead using your email address, and use a template of your choice, or help you create one of many existing options we have to choose from.

But that’s not all, we’ll customize the emails to include specific information from the Merchants online Web Form Submission to be more eye catching.

Such as, “Hey John, just to confirm, you were looking for approximately $25K-50K in Funding is that correct?

Reply to this email so we can get you started on the application, or you can click here (Insert your DocuSign Application Link) directly into the email.

That’s only the beginning, we’ll set up multiple emails to go out at different time intervals to help remind your Merchant that you’re still waiting on his application.

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Real Time Web Opt In Leads – Merchants find one of our affiliate landing pages through various marketing efforts, social media, facebook, instagram, google, and fill out their information to get additional info on working capital for their business. These forms are submitted instantly to your inbox as soon as the Merchant hits the submit button. We can also API the information directly to your CRM. Set up Automated Follow Up Calling System, and Automated Email Response System!

Real Time Web Opt In Leads – Direct from Landing Page to your Inbox!

Our Real Time Leads: we have real time internet leads we generate from social media, google paid, instagram, Facebook, and Email marketing campaigns.

Merchant clicks on advertisement, goes to landing page, and fills out their information.


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Lead Exclusivity


Credit Score


Monthly Deposits

$15K+ All Revenues, $25K+ Monthly Revenue, $50K+ Monthly Revenue, $75K+ Monthly Revenue, $100K+ Monthly Revenue, $15K-$25K Monthly Revenue, $25K-$50K Monthly Revenue, $50K-$100K Monthly Revenue

Web Opt In - Quantity

10 Web Opt Ins, 25 Web Opt Ins, 50 Web Opt Ins, 100 Web Opt Ins, 200 Web Opt Ins


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