Roadmap: Future Updates, Improvements, & Features.



Roadmap: Future Updates, Improvements, & Features.


Thanks to our wonderful community of Brokers & Funders, we’ve received some incredible feedback, ideas, and insights into our Real Time Business Loan Lead program.

We’ve gotten some really great feedback over the past weeks, and are really excited to note that many, if not all of our brokers have been having great success with our campaigns.

But it’s far from perfect, we’re aware of that, and don’t claim to be perfect. However, after hearing some of the feedback and suggestions to improve on our already successful marketing programs, we’ve been made aware of the following items, and plan to address them over the coming weeks.

Connect Rate: Avg 90% of our brokers have made contact with their leads, and were able to have a conversation, however there are still a few disconnected numbers, or missing digits in the phone number fields passing through.

– Timeline Proposal: This should be an easy fix, we should have this resolved within the next 24-48 hours.

Data Accuracy: As we all know many merchants tend to exaggerate on their webform application, and to no surprise this comes with the territory. No revenue, revenue pre covid, deposits way lower than what’s states on bank statements. We’ve already replaced all the leads with discrepancies as such with our easy to use online ticket system.

– Short Term Solution: We’ve already implemented updated questioning on the webform from “Total Monthly Sales Revenue” to “Monthly Avg Sales (Last 3 Months)” – We’re still exploring some other options, and are open to suggestions. If you have any, please reply to this email with your suggestions.

– Long Term: We are exploring the idea of implementing a real time Instant Bank Verification that will allow Merchants to sign in to their bank account securely, and allow us to obtain information for the last 90 days of their full banking information.

– Timeline Proposal: To be announced soon. We are looking for the right solution that will allow us to accomplish this.

Deals Funded: We’re excited to note that our funded deals have gone up by 5% in June, 16% from July, and 24% from August. September numbers to be released at the end of October.

– We’re happy with these figures, and will continue to improve on all aspects to ensure our clients are closing deals!

Simplified Ticketing System: We’re working on improving our online ticketing system to make it a bit more efficient and easier to dispute any leads.

– Timeline Proposal: To be announced soon.

Deal Tracker: We plan on implementing a Deal Tracking System that will be able to track every lead thats been Approved, Submitted, and Funded, so that we can really get deep insights to what marketing strategies are working better than others, ie: Industry Type, State, Time of Day form submitted, and more, then we can triple down on that strategy, which in return will yield a better quality lead, and a better quality deal, with a higher likelihood of converting that much more.

– Timeline Proposal: To be announced soon.

Exclusive Leads: At some point in the very near future, we’ll be offering our Real Time Business Leads Exclusively, and sold to only you! Would you want us to incorporate your branding, and create a dedicated campaign for you with your company logo? Let us know your thoughts, we’re open to the idea.

– Timeline Proposal: To be announced soon.

Our message has always been open and transparency with our clients and want more feedback because it helps us grow, and serve you better with a higher quality product. If you feel like there’s something we missed out on, or have some additional ideas for us to expand on, please let us know!

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