The Broker

We help Brokers be confident in their ways of “brokering”. We LOVE to breakdown the Who, What, Where, Whens, Why, and Hows of Merchant Cash Advance and beyond.

I am constantly getting requests of who is the BEST lead source. I can’t answer that. I can only test Companies and request feedback from buyers. In the past years, we’ve taken a record of resellers, dupes, and the pushers. The only thing we can say is the MCA Lead market is SWAMPED.

I vowed there would be no sponsorships to our Existing Network, as respect is earned and not bought. We base our partnerships on #1 Partnership Benefits, Support, and Service #2 RELIABILITY #3 Product – all 3 level up equally but you can see how one attribute would kill it to make the cut.

After trials and tribulations throughout months of working with the top Brokers we decided to become an Affiliate Partner with the OG – MCA Leads!

Since we are NOT a Broker, we focus on providing the best Broker Partnerships – we’re proud to support MCA Leads and their constant support to those who live #thebrokerlife!

A.K. MCA Superstar